The Madina Farm Project

Near Zaria in Northern Nigeria

Eight hundred years ago, the Murabitun were the most feared warriors of a flourishing Islamic Civilisation. They spread out of the Ribat on an island in the Niger river in West Africa and swept North through the Mahgrib into Southern Spain in a wave of conquest, and destruction of the feeble and corrupt petty kingdoms of the day. They established in their wake a glorious period of Islam, complete in all its aspects of justice, divine worship and social welfare. The New Murabitun of West Africa are determined to set things right once again with the re-establishment of a new "Madina" in the Islamic heartland of Northern Nigeria, the very same setting as the historic Sokoto Jihad and Khalifate led by no other than Shaykh Uthman dan Fodio.

The Sankore Madina Project

The Sankore Madina is set in over four hundred acres of fertile land in the midst of a country boasting 100 million Muslims whose legacy is that of the great Sokoto Khalifate. Zaria in the northern state of Kaduna has for years been famous as a seat of learning, producing many of the great Maliki ulama of the region, huffaz of QurĠan and Shaykhs of tariqa right up until today. Zaria also hosts the Ahmadu Bello University, the largest in West Africa, famous for the many manuscripts of the Sokoto Khalifate held in its archives. Kaduna State borders the state of Zamfara where the governor has recently embarked upon a programme to implement governance by the Shariah. In response tens of thousands drove, rode and walked hundreds of miles to witness the official declaration of that intention and to declare their support. This is a major development in the Muslim world.

The Sankore Madina project is housed on the 400 acre Madina Farm which was setup specifically to support the project. The elements that make up the Sankore Madina are:

1. The Mosque,

2. The Dan Fodio Academy,

3. The Madina Clinic & Medical Research Institute,

4. Madina Farm,

5. Madina Grains & Agro-Allied Services.

The Madina Health Centre and Medical Research Institute

Venue/Location The Sankore Madina near Zaria in Kaduna State.


1. To supply medical facilities on the Sankore Madina and to thousands from the surrounding villages;

2. To facilitate research and research into the medical traditions of the Sokoto Khalifate;

3. To research and evolve alternative medicine and medical practices from a holistic; approach;

4. To be a place of training in the arts of healing and medical practices.

Infrastructure Required

a) A seven bedroom clinic with treatment rooms;

b) Staff quarters for doctors, nurses and other staff;

c) Medical supplies;

d) Bore-hole and plumbing for the supply of clean water;

Personnel/Skills required

1) Doctors

2) Nurses

3) Herbalists & Alternative treatment practitioners.

Madina Farm

Some of the main aspects intended for the farm are:

a) An agricultural awqaf (waqf);

b) Place of productive employment and empowerment;

c) Provision of medicinal and culinary herbs;

d) General agricultural production for an Islamic market.

e) An economically viable farm.


The main Waqf properties would primarily be the orchard because of the high income that can be generated and the self perpetuating nature of an orchard, meaning minimal maintenance costs once established. The estimated annual yield from the orchard would be enough to support the basic running costs of the clinic (excluding salaries)

Place of Economic Empowerment

The goat rearing, cattle ranch and agricultural produce already represent numerous earning possibilities for many people and their families. This has already allowed for the collection and distribution of Zakat on grain last year and it is hoped to reach the point where Zakat on goats can be collected this year. Provision of Medicinal and Culinary Herbs Specific effort has been made and will continue to be made to make the farm self sufficient by planting a range of herbs and vegetables in appropriate quantity to be able to support the farm staff, academy staff, students and the Health Centre. In addition it is hoped to grow and introduce specific medicinal herbs that can be used locally and in the clinic. A lot of effort has also been made to encourage and facilitate outside investment in individual farm projects with a view to eonomically empowering the local community and as a way to encourage interaction which will, Insha Allah, lead to higher things and a wider participation from the investors themselves.

Support for an Islamic market

The farm will support in terms of produce and financial backing the setting up of the Madina Distribution network which has already negotiated to acquire 1000 square metres of space in the regional wholesale farm market where hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of grain are sold every week.

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