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About the LEAGUE of


A brief history of the league
Black Stone Press
Online book catalogue featuring the Islamic Classical Library and a range of modern Islamic classics.
The Norwich Academy for Muslims
News of courses and other events taking place in the coming year in the UK and overseas. Also presentation from the international conference on education.
The Dan Fodio Muslim Academy
The latest information on the Muslim Academy in Northern Nigeria, historical heartland of Islam.
The Sankore Madina & Madina Farm Project
Bringing the deen back to life in West Africa, incorporating the Clinic, Farm, and Mosque.
Articles online
A selection of articles on a variety of subjects free to view or download.
The Murabitun of North America
Not much on North America community but plenty of links to other interesting sites.
Aisha Bewley's Website
A "Must Visit" and THE single most informative Islamic site on the internet
The New African Global Alliance (NAGA)
Outline of the initiative so boldly launched by the League calling for political and economic action and unity at the highest level, perhaps to soon for the many who couldn't answer the call.
The Open Trade Network
Restoring Free and Open Trade through: Gold Currency, Open Markets and Free & Fair Contracts
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A discussion group aimed at promoting dialogue around the practical implementation of the eleven (11) Global Objectives of the New African Global Alliance (NAGA)