New African Global Alliance (NAGA)


The New African Global Alliance is an initiative of the League of the Black Stone and it's aim is to unify peoples of the Black/African diaspora around the implementation of eleven Global Objectives.

The Global Objectives were first outlined in the publication Trade First and via consultation with a number of active groups and individuals were amended as follows.

1: 'The harnessing together of the combined intellectual, economic and political strengths of our most active pro-African movements from our African centred, Pan-Africanist, Islamic and other nationalist traditions.'

2: 'The establishment of a powerful international Open Trade Economy and a permanent culture of political autonomy for all Africans.'

3: 'The establishment of Open Trade Markets in our major population centres and in any other strategic location.'

4: 'The formation and facilitation of trading partnerships and the movement of real currency and merchandise within and between communities'

5: 'The development of an independent international freight and passenger transportation capability by air, land and sea.'

6: The publication of an independent international newspaper of mass circulation aimed at extending influence, raising support and encouraging participation.'

7: 'The regular publication and dissemination of material aimed at propagating the work of the foremost exponents of open trade economics, political analysis, African history and African ecology'

8: 'The development of a capacity to exert influence upon national and international agencies of government, economic development and trade.'

9: 'The formation and support of Black-led organisations and agencies promoting education, health, wealth, self-determination and self-defence'

10: 'The development of professional apprenticeships and guild based youth cadres.'

11: 'The reclamation of the Black prison populations of America and Britain and the 'captive' refugee populations of Africa.'


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